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Woolsey Fire erupts in Bell Cyn. Ripping Through Million Dollar Homes in it's Fiery Path

  A Fiery Grave - Bell Canyon Residents Panicked as a wall of flames coming down into their backyards and swimming pools ignited lips of their roof tops, garages and gazebos | West Hills News | Los Angeles Woolsey Fire Today.

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  Some homeowners chose to stay and fight, while many did not. Fearing for their lives, many left their own house pets behind to die. The fire was fast and swift and created a paranoid confusing state of emergency and panic. People didn't know wether they should go or stay. Many were using garden hoses to wet their roof tops while some neighbors were not even home. 

Bell cyn residents were struck awake by alerts that a fire was headed there way up the canyon. Fire officials and emergency crew along with local law enforcement had to act fast to get this community ready for a mandatory evacuation along Bell Canyon Road Sunday. 

  The fire burned through most of the terrain and steep cliffs and over hill tops down through creek beds and tore through some homes in it's fiery wake, sparing no wild life or anything combustable. 
Fences made of ABS white plastic lining the canyon streets lay melted along where fire re-shaped the landscape leaving a trail of ashes and charred deadfall remains. 

All homes within the West Hills area of the City of Los Angeles
-  West of Valley Circle Blvd
-  Northern border is Roscoe Blvd
-  Southern border is Vanowen Street

Burned Acreage: 83,275 CONTAINMENT @ 05% stated Los Angeles City Fire Department

Fire crews quickly got several 911 calls from Bell Cyn residents in cries for emergency help and they responded but the canyon fire was moving so quickly through the canyon's driest brush that it made Firefighters fighting an uphill battle. With a small amount of available firefighters mixed with too may places burning at once up and down the streets, firefighters were spread out too thin and had to fight only to get people to safety rather than try to save empty homes first. 

The Santa Ana reported winds pounded harsh as they pushed their way through this thin winding canyon road at high speeds, almost forcing a human down to the ground upon their knees. 

Fanned flames sent hot embers blasting loose every direction and shooting like hot darts into trees that ignited more fires. It was a mess. The fire started along Bell Canyon Road around the Bell Cyn. Park area then traveled up into where the homes lay.  

The way everyone's houses sit either under brush covered or tree foliaged hillsides or over them like a stick fire built at a campfire when we were kids, waiting to flair up in a heated fire bomb, it is amazing not more bodies were found as a result in this eruption of wild winds, fiery home graves and confusion amongst the neighbors while all were attempting to stay and battle the this super large out-of-control blaze or run and save their own lives from life long hardships of becoming a burned victim in disability. 

Homes strung the neighborhood in this quite controlled community which has it's own gated security guard and fences itself in. What once was in the late 1970s just a lot of rolling deserted hillsides of weeds, hippie flowers and trees now becomes a homestead of Million dollar homes, ranches and rolling estates being bought out by the many working class families who raise their children and work 9 to 5 jobs in Los Angeles every morning. Some own companies, some just rent homes here but when the Woolsey Fire hit, everyone was a potential victim equally. 

Most homes that burned had been it's owner's result of allowing brush to not be cut back 60 feet away from their homes. Most homes that burned, in google maps before they are burned, you will note: Large trees were allowed to over-hang their roof tops and surround their homes, engulf them and hide them. Those trees are all but ashes now, with their homes in the mix. Who's fault will the Homeowner's insurance blame? Cut Back your brush! Brush fires cannot burn if the brush is not there.

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